This blog is sponsored by NEXOR and focuses on Cyber Security issues and market observations, but you will also find the occasional article about small businesses (SMEs) and the IT industry in general.

Featured Posts

  • Digital Revolution Workshop - A regular contributor to Cyber Matters, Colin Powers, has published an article on Storify, providing coverage of the Digital Revolution Workshop at Defence Information 14. This is a follow on to the blog published Cyber Matters, together with this poster. This is an important research thread, embracing new work practices will be a core differentiator […]
  • Trustworthy Communications - Each day we become more reliant on the Internet in both our personal and business lives, yet each day there are new stories of security failures.   A key part of living and working on the Internet is the ability to be able to communicate securely; whether inter-personal communication, such as email or chat, or client […]
  • Building the Guard - Okay. We’ve analysed the problem, we’ve produced an excellent design, and we’ve got our security approach nailed down. It’s time to get our hands dirty and actually build it. With a good design in place, one might assume that development is a simple task. You just go away and do what it says. But for […]
  • Booting Linux Securely - A report from Learning Tree “Linux Scores Highest in UK Government Security Assessment” has analysed the CESG set of reports on the security of end user devices, in which CESG assessed 11 operating systems. The Learning Tree report observed: Of those, Linux got the best overall score The report then looked at the criteria used to […]
  • IISP East Midlands: BIS Organisational Standards - On January 29, we held the second IISP meeting in the East Midlands, at the Institute of Directors in Nottingham, attended by close to 30 delegates. The meeting was opened by Colin Powers with an introduction and explanation that some quick reshuffling of the agenda was in order as the main speakers train was running […]

And Finally…

The issues that are blogged about most are:

  • Security awareness for non-technical home users
  • Trust and assurance of software and solutions
  • People, process and technology triangle
  • Secure Information Exchange

The blog is also open to guest contributions, contact Colin Robbins with your suggested topics.


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