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Changing 40+ Passwords: Annoyances

20 May

In the first part of this blog series, I looked at the process of changing and remembering 40+ passwords. In this part, I recount a few of the annoyances I uncovered…
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Changing 40+ Passwords: Thanks Heartbleed

13 May

Following the Heartbleed revelations, the security advice from the great and good was to change all passwords. To support World Password Day, I changed over 40 other them – quite an interesting exercise. Alarmingly, it appears I am still vulnerable.
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Heartbleed hype – Password killer

11 Apr

There are a huge number of news items, tweets and posts running around the Internet at the moment. I don’t pretend to know the details about Heartbleed, but I do not some of the expert opinion offered just adds to the general public’s confusion, and does not really help matters.
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Logging on is becoming too hard to do securely

2 Apr

Unique passwords, unique user names, lie about your personal information, secure your recovery email, two factor authentication, OAuth caching.
ARRGGGHHH, all I want to do is log on.

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Challenges with unique passwords

11 Jul

It is very important to have different passwords for each different system you have (to make sure that if a password is compromised, only one system will be affected).
How many of us can honestly say there are no two systems we use that have the same password?

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