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Q: When will the IoT be secure? A: Never.

16 Feb

That may seem a bit bizarre coming from someone working for a company that specialises in making the IoT secure. Let me justify the comment. Continue reading

The Smart Home Cyber Security Manifesto

24 Nov

At the Smart Homes and Building Association (SH&BA) “Smart Home Breakthrough Summit” last week, a new Cyber Security Manifesto was unveiled by CONTEXT, a leading European IT market analysis company, and the SH&BA Security Panel. Continue reading

Design for the Novice…

10 Dec

In the article How to Avoid a Common Product Mistake Many Teams Make, Mark Suster (@msuster) observes

The single biggest mistake most product teams make is building technology for what they believe the user would want rather than what the actual end-user needs

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Myths of Wi-fi Security

10 Dec

I found the article 5 Wi-Fi Security Myths You Must Abandon Now interesting, particularly in the context of doing the security basics right.
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