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Li-Fi Security

10 Jan

Li-Fi has been widely talked about, largely due to its capability to deliver a high data rate wireless connectivity.

Li-FI has some very interesting security characteristics too.

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Out of Office Dilemma

13 Dec

As we approach the Christmas holiday period, I thought I’d share a cautionary tale on setting up your Out-of-Office auto-response. For quite a while now I have been building a relationship with a prospective customer. While I have had discussions with a person there – let’s call him Bob –  Bob has worked hard to keep his privacy. Continue reading

How do you dispose of your Smart Home?

23 Feb

A few weeks back, I worked with the SH&BA to publish guidance on the Security of your Smart Home.

Shortly before we went to print I sold my car, and suddenly realised there was a big gap in the document.

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The Smart Home Cyber Security Manifesto

24 Nov

At the Smart Homes and Building Association (SH&BA) “Smart Home Breakthrough Summit” last week, a new Cyber Security Manifesto was unveiled by CONTEXT, a leading European IT market analysis company, and the SH&BA Security Panel. Continue reading

Data Trust Gap

11 Aug

I’ve just had a read of Symantec’s State of Privacy Report – 2015. It’s well worth a quick scan if you’ve not come across it before.

It highlights some of the contradictions and challenges we face in our industry.

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This Post Does Not Ask About Cookies

12 Feb

Whenever I visit a web site these days I get asked about cookies.
A quick survey around a family dinner table at Christmas revealed only 2 out of 10 people knew what the question was really asking (and we both work in the industry).

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Sofa Data Protection No So Good

26 Jan

Just purchased a new sofa – how can that cause a data protection failure?

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Ethernet over Power

11 Jan

In my blog about smart meters I asked who is looking after the consumers interest in smart meters. Ethernet over Power adds a new dimension to the debate.

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Economist Debate: “…a hyperconnected world is more rather than less secure.”

1 Aug

This is an insightful debate in the Economist, the full title being

This house believes that a hyper-connected world is more rather than less secure.

Sadly I missed the online comment period, so was not able to offer my thoughts in the debate itself.  I would have voted less secure.
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