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Heartbleed hype – Password killer

11 Apr

There are a huge number of news items, tweets and posts running around the Internet at the moment. I don’t pretend to know the details about Heartbleed, but I do not some of the expert opinion offered just adds to the general public’s confusion, and does not really help matters.
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Test Your Password Here – Or Maybe Don’t

6 Jul

Is the tweet below good advice from @GetSafeOnline?

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Your Password is Obsolete

23 Apr

Following on from my blog article Logging on is becoming too hard to do securely here is a good info graphic about the state of passwords:

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Revelations of a Password Reset

21 Feb

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How a strong BYOD password can make identity theft easier

21 Sep

I regularly take a train journey into London, it takes about an hour an a half.
During this time I learn a great deal from reading, not books, but the laptop of the person sitting next to me.
This is common problem, talked about in many blogs – but on a recent journey I came across a new variant!

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Does Cyber Hype offer Hope

17 Jul

In the last few weeks we have seen another round of cyber security hype:

Does this help the cause, identified in the National Security Strategy of increasing the education and awareness of cyber security?

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Challenges with unique passwords

11 Jul

It is very important to have different passwords for each different system you have (to make sure that if a password is compromised, only one system will be affected).
How many of us can honestly say there are no two systems we use that have the same password?

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