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Deploying Information Exchange Gateway solutions

24 Mar

With the current interest in Information Exchange Gateways (IEGs), I wanted to update you on the work that we have been doing with the European Defence Agency over the last year or so. Continue reading

Securing the Guard

7 Jan

I have talked previously about the challenge of building a File Guard, and the approach we took to designing it.
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What is the difference between a Guard and a Gateway?

13 Aug

Guards and gateways are full application layer proxies that connect to two or more networks.  They accept data passed on an inbound network interface, ‘process it’, and then pass data to the outbound network interface.   The difference between the two is in the ‘process it’ step.
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RedHat Case Study – Nexor Sentinel

15 Jul

Those nice people at RedHat have written a Case Study on the Nexor Sentinel Product…

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Can you be sure a file is what it claims to be?

9 Jul

Content scanning and filtering products are a crucial part of a security ecosystem, validating that files being moved in or out of a network conform to expectation.  But how do you determine what is expected, if the file extension (for example file.PDF) is not reliable.
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Observations on the Forrester Report — Strategy Deep Dive: Define Your Data

4 Jun

The Forrester report  Strategy Deep Dive: Define Your Data (free download, registration required) has an in-depth look at the topic of data classification and defines a framework for data protection, but appears to lack in detail on the “defending the data” step.

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Common Criteria Certification for Nexor Sentinel

5 Feb

Nexor has announced the Common Criteria Certification, to EAL4 of Nexor Sentinel – a high assurance, e-mail guard.

In the announcement I am quoted as saying:
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