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Cyber Security: It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye

9 Jun

On May 29th, I attended Talk*Infosec.

Talk*Infosec  goes hand-in-hand with recent IISP East Midlands events aimed at building a vibrant Cyber Security cluster in the East Midlands.

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IISP East Midlands: BIS Organisational Standards

1 Feb

On January 29, we held the second IISP meeting in the East Midlands, at the Institute of Directors in Nottingham, attended by close to 30 delegates.
The meeting was opened by Colin Powers with an introduction and explanation that some quick reshuffling of the agenda was in order as the main speakers train was running late. He also published the hash-tag #IISPEastMids, with delegates encouraged share their thoughts on the meeting live via twitter (these tweets are available as an archive).
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IISP East Midlands – Cyber Attacks & Live Hacks

24 Sep

On Sept 18th, Nexor and De Montfort University hosted the inaugural meeting of the Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP) in the East Midlands. Twenty-five delegates were treated to a presentation and demonstration by Jay Abbott (Managing Director of Advanced Security Consulting Limited) on how easy it has become to play the role of a bad guy in Cyber Security.

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Believing in Boogeymen

10 Sep

It seems fairly accepted these days that businesses are not doing enough in the area of Cyber Security. Progress is being made to an extent, but mostly this seems to be in businesses that are bigger targets.

Why don’t small companies worry about Cyber Security?

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