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Top cyber crime threats to East Midlands businesses

20 Sep

I recently attended the East Midlands Cyber Crime Breakfast, where a panel of experts outlined what they saw as the principal cyber crime threats that were affecting organisations in the East Midlands. Continue reading

Cyber Matters Top 10 posts from 2015

22 Dec

As 2016 approaches, I thought it would be nice to look back on 2015 and share with you the Top 10 most viewed blog posts here on Cyber Matters. Let the countdown begin … Continue reading

Prime Minister orders cyber-attacks to test Whitehall security

13 Nov

Earlier this week it was reported that David Cameron had ordered simulated cyber-attacks on every Whitehall department, to discover if government computers that hold the personal information of millions of people are vulnerable to hackers. Continue reading

The 12 Themes of 2014

17 Dec

Rather than bring you the 12 Days of Christmas, we’ve done the 12 themes of 2014 instead! A look back at what has been making the headlines in the world of Information Security (and beyond) this year. Take a moment to relive the year……  Continue reading

UK Public Procurement Policy Note 09/14

26 Sep

Now that’s a catchy headline to get your attention! What does it mean, and why blog about it on Cyber Matters?

In short, the policy note published by the Cabinet Office today (Sept 26 2014) says that from October 1st, the Cyber Essentials Scheme is mandatory:

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The Cyber Essentials Experience

12 Jun

This month the UK Government Cyber Essentials Scheme was launched.

Nexor committed to gaining Cyber Essentials certification, with Steve Kingan observing:

“I welcome the advent of the Cyber Essentials Scheme and believe it is an important development in improving the supply chain to HMG. Nexor has demonstrated that the Scheme can be straight forward to implement even for an SME. I am pleased that this new mark will become a mandated accreditation for all HMG suppliers of sensitive information technology procurements; and delighted that Nexor has been involved from the start of the Scheme.”

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UK Government Security Classification Scheme

1 Apr

After nearly two years of planning, the new UK Government Security Classification system comes into operation this month. This will probably be accompanied by some articles from the doomsday brigade suggesting forecasting chaos and uncertainty; there are undoubtedly rough edges, but it’s important not to lose sight of the bigger cultural change at play…

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IISP East Midlands: BIS Organisational Standards

1 Feb

On January 29, we held the second IISP meeting in the East Midlands, at the Institute of Directors in Nottingham, attended by close to 30 delegates.
The meeting was opened by Colin Powers with an introduction and explanation that some quick reshuffling of the agenda was in order as the main speakers train was running late. He also published the hash-tag #IISPEastMids, with delegates encouraged share their thoughts on the meeting live via twitter (these tweets are available as an archive).
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UK government urges small businesses to become more “cyber streetwise”

15 Jan

A very welcome initiative from the UK Government. An option for company boards to consider in assessing how cyber streetwise they are, is to use the free iPad app, NEXOR Quaestor, available in the App Store.

Reaction to BIS Cyber Security Standard

28 Nov

Making an organisation cyber-secure is difficult. As a supplier, demonstrating to an external customer that you are cyber-secure is even more difficult. Conversely, as a customer how can you tell which organisations take it seriously?
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