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Top cyber crime threats to East Midlands businesses

20 Sep

I recently attended the East Midlands Cyber Crime Breakfast, where a panel of experts outlined what they saw as the principal cyber crime threats that were affecting organisations in the East Midlands. Continue reading

Cyber Essentials for Home

28 Apr

19 Nov 2015: POST SUPERSEDED BY Cyber Essentials at Home.

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Home Router Password Failure

17 Feb

Good security advice is you should (must) change the default password on your home broadband router. Recent experience suggests to me this is not sufficient.

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Why I became a Cyber Champion

5 Sep

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to speak at Thomson Reuters, a multinational media and information firm, who were trying to get more of their young professionals interested in becoming Cyber Champions.

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HBR: National Cyber Security Progress – UK Perspective

20 Jun

A recent article in Harvard Business Review, made an analysis of the US Cyber Security status and suggested “Here are four things that the private sector — and I mean CEOs, not CTOs — should be loudly and persistently demanding of Washington right now:…”
Lets take a look at these 4 issues from a UK perspective.
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Linux needs proper installation and configuration to be fully secure

23 Aug

Get Safe Online recently reported the following via twitter:

This should not be a surprise.
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Challenges with unique passwords

11 Jul

It is very important to have different passwords for each different system you have (to make sure that if a password is compromised, only one system will be affected).
How many of us can honestly say there are no two systems we use that have the same password?

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