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Why I became a Cyber Champion

5 Sep

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to speak at Thomson Reuters, a multinational media and information firm, who were trying to get more of their young professionals interested in becoming Cyber Champions.

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Digital Revolution Workshop

17 Apr

A regular contributor to Cyber Matters, Colin Powers, has published an article on Storify, providing coverage of the Digital Revolution Workshop at Defence Information 14.

This is a follow on to the blog published Cyber Matters, together with this poster.

This is an important research thread, embracing new work practices will be a core differentiator for businesses, and we have to find ways of using security to enable it. The days of the “just say no” security officer are over.
Keep up the good work @colinmpowers.

Digital Natives Poster

17 Sep

Following on from the blog Digital Natives: Secure Collaboration in Team Defence 2020, Nexor was invited to produce a poster for the Annual Symposium of the Information Assurance Advisory Council.

Here’s the poster…

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Digital Natives: Secure Collaboration in Team Defence 2020

25 Jun

A Guest Blog from Colin Powers on the Digital Natives project…

Imagine you want to do some work on a file.
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An email native, giving way to digital natives.

1 Sep

I am an email native. It may have been the very early days of email, and much has evolved and changed since in the user interface and rich media experience, but I communicated with my lecturers at UCL via email in the mid 1980’s. After graduating I had the pleasure of working at UCL on international collaborative projects, we used email as the primary communication. My working life has been the same, with email as a core form of communication – it has been a primary working tool.

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