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Governance must cover products too

3 Nov

One of the ongoing security debates is about how to get the board of directors engaged in the security of their businesses. The recent article “Ignorance on cyber security no longer an option for boards” is the latest in a long line of reports saying boards must do better. Two things struck me reading this particular article. Continue reading

Car Manufacturers want Big Data – Fast

23 Sep

The automotive world is transforming.

According to “How the Internet of Things is transforming the automotive industry” here’s a look at what to expect in the immediate future:

Continue reading

Does Insurance Hold the Key?

21 Jul

As we build the Internet of Things the race is on to create new products and services. Making them secure costs more and can slow the pace of innovation. But as Car companies are now finding out, this can have a serious impact. Continue reading

The Secure Internet of Things

2 Jun

The Internet of Things (IoT) is big news at the moment, being used as a title for just about everything that interacts with the internet, be it man or machine. In some areas the commentary is just starting to recognise that security and privacy are issues. And as you expect, various players are putting forward their solutions. Continue reading