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Windows 10 Anniversary Update – BitLocker Bypass Warning

8 Aug

If your Windows 10 PC tells you there is an update pending – it might be the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (not that you can distinguish this from any other update – until it’s applied, as far as I could see).

If it is, beware to physically secure your laptop as it disables BitLocker!

bitlocker bypass image

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Trustworthy Wallets

5 Apr

Bitcoin is a subject that Cyber Matters first reported on two years ago, concluding it was premature to invest, unless you can afford to lose your stake. Since that time, the underlying Blockchain has been gaining an increase in interest. Continue reading

Another week, another IoT security scare!

19 Jan

With the recent events and stories hitting the news, such as CES 2016 announcing plenty of new IoT products and new toys being hackable, no wonder I couldn’t miss the opportunity to talk about them – the first thing to catch my eye this week was ……

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Could PAS 754 have helped Juniper?

13 Jan

In an important Juniper security announcement last month it was revealed that:

“During a recent internal code review, Juniper discovered unauthorized code in ScreenOS that could allow a knowledgeable attacker to gain administrative access to NetScreen® devices and to decrypt VPN connections.” Continue reading

Is your New Toy Hackable?

29 Dec

Over the last few days, many children will have received gifts of the latest interconnected toys. Sadly as a security community we know many of these will be insecure. Continue reading

Cyber Matters Top 10 posts from 2015

22 Dec

As 2016 approaches, I thought it would be nice to look back on 2015 and share with you the Top 10 most viewed blog posts here on Cyber Matters. Let the countdown begin … Continue reading

Does Insurance Hold the Key?

21 Jul

As we build the Internet of Things the race is on to create new products and services. Making them secure costs more and can slow the pace of innovation. But as Car companies are now finding out, this can have a serious impact. Continue reading

Home Router Password Failure

17 Feb

Good security advice is you should (must) change the default password on your home broadband router. Recent experience suggests to me this is not sufficient.

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No, Shellshock does not defeat SELinux

9 Oct

A week is a long time in Cyber Security.

These past few weeks you may have heard about the latest ‘big vulnerability’, dubbed ShellShock. If you haven’t, or want more information on it, I direct you to the best authority I know: Wikipedia.

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Yet Another Shellshock Article

3 Oct

Well ShellShock has certainly created a lot of press – and I am sure that most readers will understand what the Linux Shell is by now.

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