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Cyber Security Challenge sees youngsters hack into and control a drone

22 Aug

If you thought hacking to a wireless network to take control of a Drone required significant expertise and resource, read on…
Various groups of amateur cyber security contestants showed how easily it can be done with a Raspberry PI.

OK, the system will have been set up in such a way that there were holes to be exploited left open, BUT sadly research seems to suggest this is the case for a large number of control systems connected to the Internet too. Protecting these real systems is not a job for amateurs.

@Nexor are Silver Sponsors of the Cyber Security Challenge.

Whose Role is Security?

1 Nov

At a recent Industry event discussing security, a question was rasised as to who needs to take ownership of security issues, the comment was made that it needs to be

“someone senior enough to care, but junior enough to know what they are talking about”

This summarises a major issue in the cyber security industry.
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Water Polo Coaching – Business Lessons

17 Sep

For the best part of a year, I have been involved on the periphery of coaching the England Talent Squad, hoping to do my bit to prepare young players for the 2020 olympics, and increase my skills in running the East Midlands feeder group into England Talent.
I learnt a lot about business doing this.

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