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Cyber Matters Top 10 posts from 2015

22 Dec

As 2016 approaches, I thought it would be nice to look back on 2015 and share with you the Top 10 most viewed blog posts here on Cyber Matters. Let the countdown begin … Continue reading

How do you engage your staff with information security?

13 Oct

That was the question that the IISP East Midlands branch tried to tackle recently at its forum in Leicester.  The evening gave a chance for information security professionals across the region to get together to network with colleagues and discuss this most important of issues.

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5 Observations on Moving the Cyber Industry Forward

19 Sep

I had the pleasure of attending the SINET Global Cybersecurity Innovation Summit earlier this week. A very thought provoking event, with some great speakers.
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Why I became a Cyber Champion

5 Sep

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to speak at Thomson Reuters, a multinational media and information firm, who were trying to get more of their young professionals interested in becoming Cyber Champions.

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Cyber Street Awareness Videos

3 Jul

Maybe I am slow on the uptake, but I have only just come across these 30-second YouTube videos hidden away on Cyber Street.

My favourite is this one…

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Cyber Security: It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye

9 Jun

On May 29th, I attended Talk*Infosec.

Talk*Infosec  goes hand-in-hand with recent IISP East Midlands events aimed at building a vibrant Cyber Security cluster in the East Midlands.

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Safer Internet Day 2014

11 Feb

The Internet has revolutionised modern life. From the way we socialise, shop, work, learn and even the way we understand human behaviour with the emerging realm of big data analysis, as well as much more!

It has introduced so many great things to empower our day to day living.

However you do still have to be careful with how you interact with this publicly connected online world. I think Voltaire’s now cliché statement “with great power comes great responsibility” sums it up well.

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IISP East Midlands: BIS Organisational Standards

1 Feb

On January 29, we held the second IISP meeting in the East Midlands, at the Institute of Directors in Nottingham, attended by close to 30 delegates.
The meeting was opened by Colin Powers with an introduction and explanation that some quick reshuffling of the agenda was in order as the main speakers train was running late. He also published the hash-tag #IISPEastMids, with delegates encouraged share their thoughts on the meeting live via twitter (these tweets are available as an archive).
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IISP East Midlands – Cyber Attacks & Live Hacks

24 Sep

On Sept 18th, Nexor and De Montfort University hosted the inaugural meeting of the Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP) in the East Midlands. Twenty-five delegates were treated to a presentation and demonstration by Jay Abbott (Managing Director of Advanced Security Consulting Limited) on how easy it has become to play the role of a bad guy in Cyber Security.

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Digital Natives Poster

17 Sep

Following on from the blog Digital Natives: Secure Collaboration in Team Defence 2020, Nexor was invited to produce a poster for the Annual Symposium of the Information Assurance Advisory Council.

Here’s the poster…

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