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Security Predictions

23 Dec

At this time of year, it seems that one of the duties of a CTO of a security company to make predictions about the year ahead.
My prediction is somewhat generic, followed by a wish list. Please help me with my wish list, so we can prevent my prediction!

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Ethernet over Power

11 Jan

In my blog about smart meters I asked who is looking after the consumers interest in smart meters. Ethernet over Power adds a new dimension to the debate.

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1999 Conference – Risks of electronic attack on Britain’s Critical National Infrastructure

3 Jan

In 1999, In Britain, Margaret Beckett, then leader of the Commons, hosted a closed conference for industrialists and intelligence officials to warn about the growing risk of electronic attack on Britain’s Critical National Infrastructure.
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Smart Homes / Meters: Consumer Progress or Nightmare

17 Dec

The futuristic visions promoted by Smart Metering and Smart Cities are compelling on several levels. Add into the mix an Internet connected car. As a security person it worries be how this all joins up in he home.
Am I a doom monger, or is there an issue that needs proper debate?

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Economist Debate: “…a hyperconnected world is more rather than less secure.”

1 Aug

This is an insightful debate in the Economist, the full title being

This house believes that a hyper-connected world is more rather than less secure.

Sadly I missed the online comment period, so was not able to offer my thoughts in the debate itself.  I would have voted less secure.
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