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22 Dec

Having been on a customer site all day, I returned home to scan my email.

Over half the emails were festive greetings, with all sorts of creative content: embedded images, attached animated images, links to sites with festive messages and attached files with seasonal offers.

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Out of Office Dilemma

13 Dec

As we approach the Christmas holiday period, I thought I’d share a cautionary tale on setting up your Out-of-Office auto-response. For quite a while now I have been building a relationship with a prospective customer. While I have had discussions with a person there – let’s call him Bob –  Bob has worked hard to keep his privacy. Continue reading

Smart Home Project – HomeKit and LightwaveRF Integration

15 Nov

CyberMatters is a blog about security.  This article is NOT about security, there is a related security point related to this article documented in the blog Smart Home Project – Network Segregation

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Smart Home Project – Network Segregation

15 Nov

Over the last few weekends I’ve rebuilt my smart home solution. It reminded me of how hard it is to build something that is secure.

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Christmas Card Competition 2015

17 Dec

At this time of year we have a slight variation on the normal information security theme. Continue reading

Three years of blogging

28 Jul

So, Cyber Matters has now been a live blog for just over 3 years – how time flies.

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Christmas card competition

18 Dec

A slight variation on the normal information security theme as we approach Christmas.

At Nexor we have a tradition of a Christmas card competition for all the young Nexor children. They are invited to design a Christmas card and the theme this year was “Christmas animals“. Continue reading

Digital Revolution Workshop

17 Apr

A regular contributor to Cyber Matters, Colin Powers, has published an article on Storify, providing coverage of the Digital Revolution Workshop at Defence Information 14.

This is a follow on to the blog published Cyber Matters, together with this poster.

This is an important research thread, embracing new work practices will be a core differentiator for businesses, and we have to find ways of using security to enable it. The days of the “just say no” security officer are over.
Keep up the good work @colinmpowers.

Cyber Insurance

12 Mar

Information Assurance or broader Cyber Security has traditionally been a discipline of identifying threats and vulnerabilities then deploying one of three general categories of countermeasure: technology, process or education. But in more recent times companies are adding a forth element into mix – Cyber Insurance.

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Should I Invest in Bitcoin?

7 Mar

Bitcoin had a hard time in February 2014, is it a viable investment for a cautious digital immigrant?

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