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No, Shellshock does not defeat SELinux

9 Oct

A week is a long time in Cyber Security.

These past few weeks you may have heard about the latest ‘big vulnerability’, dubbed ShellShock. If you haven’t, or want more information on it, I direct you to the best authority I know: Wikipedia.

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The Day the Technology and Entertainment News Headlines Were the Same: Hackers and Nude Celebs

8 Sep

You will no doubt have seen by now the news that naughty photos of celebrities have appeared on the internet.

It’s the story that has everything – cyber security, the dangers of the cloud, online safety and a little bit of smut thrown in for good measure.

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Security and Convenience: Natural Enemies or Strange Bedfellows?

19 Jun

I last blogged about Talk*InfoSec which happened on May 29th.

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Cyber Security: It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye

9 Jun

On May 29th, I attended Talk*Infosec.

Talk*Infosec  goes hand-in-hand with recent IISP East Midlands events aimed at building a vibrant Cyber Security cluster in the East Midlands.

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Building the Guard

25 Feb

Okay. We’ve analysed the problem, we’ve produced an excellent design, and we’ve got our security approach nailed down. It’s time to get our hands dirty and actually build it.
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Securing the Guard

7 Jan

I have talked previously about the challenge of building a File Guard, and the approach we took to designing it.
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Collaborative Working in Practice

17 Dec

I have talked previously about the nature of the File Guard project, and what makes it a big task. Today, I’d like to share the new approach we took to create the design for that project.
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Continuous Improvement

18 Nov

At NEXOR, one of our company values is continuous improvement.
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Digital Natives Poster

17 Sep

Following on from the blog Digital Natives: Secure Collaboration in Team Defence 2020, Nexor was invited to produce a poster for the Annual Symposium of the Information Assurance Advisory Council.

Here’s the poster…

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Believing in Boogeymen

10 Sep

It seems fairly accepted these days that businesses are not doing enough in the area of Cyber Security. Progress is being made to an extent, but mostly this seems to be in businesses that are bigger targets.

Why don’t small companies worry about Cyber Security?

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