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During my career I have been fortunate to gain a broad understanding of what we now call Cyber Security.  My intent in starting this blog was to share some of the insight gained over the years, and provide commentary on hot topics; and to support my sponsor.

Career Summary

I gained a joint-honors degree in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering at UCL.   Following university, I worked for the MoD at Fort Halstead, on a research project looking at automatically processing Adapt-P3 message from reconnaissance forces onto maps.  After a year, I returned to UCL to work on a research project, where I developed the Quipu X.500 directory, as part of the ISO Development Environment.  Quipu was open source software, and Nexor was initially formed to provide support services to the European academic communities, evolving into a product supplier to governments, military and critical national infrastructure. I worked at Nexor throughout the 1990s in various roles including software engineering, consulting and product management.  In 2000, I joined Intercede to lead the processional services team which evolved from a two-factor authentication reseller to the leading supplier of identity provisioning systems. In 2005, I was invited to lead the Security Technology consulting team at Insight Consulting (part of Siemens), bringing together my directory and smart card experience, with network security technologies such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems.   With the disintegration of Insight Consulting into Siemens, an opportunity arose to return to Nexor as Technical Director, where I now work leading the innovation programme and technology strategy to solve customers’ secure information exchange challenges.
In 2015, I founded Qonex – the consulting arm of Nexor, and in 2017 started Nexor’s cloud security practice.

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