Cyber Essentials At Home

19 Nov

Our homes are becoming smarter. Lights you can switch on remotely, heating that learns about when you will be at home, refrigerators that add items to shopping list as you use them and electric cars that charge when fuel prices are low.

This exciting new world does not come without risks: risks to privacy; risks to security and risks to physical safety.

Today I’m chairing a conference organised by the Smart Homes and Building Association, to look at these risks and explore elements of the solution from retail, industry and wider society. At the conference we will be distributing a leaflet entitled “Cyber Essentials At Home” which is an evolution of a previous blog on Cyber Matters.

We are seeking feedback on the leaflet, so we can continue the work and produce a revised version for wider distribution.

If you have comments on the leaflet, then please feedback via the comments section below.

Please join the discussion, we welcome your views...

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