Christmas card competition

18 Dec

A slight variation on the normal information security theme as we approach Christmas.

At Nexor we have a tradition of a Christmas card competition for all the young Nexor children. They are invited to design a Christmas card and the theme this year was “Christmas animals“.

We had some fantastic entries – see below. Our winner was from Grace (aged 11), daughter of our Compliance Manager. In lieu of sending out postal cards we will be making a donation to our chosen charity “Help for Heroes”.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Grace - age 11

Grace – age 11

Chloe - age 10

Chloe – age 10

Elise - age 7

Elise – age 7

Ewan - age 4

Ewan – age 4

Jenson - age 9

Jenson – age 9



Lara - age 9

Lara – age 9

Piper - age 5

Piper – age 5

Lucy - age 12

Lucy – age 12

Please join the discussion, we welcome your views...

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